Welcome to Midnight Recovery of San Antonio

Here at Midnight Recovery we strive to serve dealers and finance companies that are tired of the other guys excuses and disrespect of the industry and laws accompanied in this field.

We are owned and operated by real repossession agents who have years of experience dealing with debtors in real life situations. In other words, we put the leg work in and do the things like make contact with the debtors, their families, and their references if need be.

I worked many years for other companies who shy from the truth to their clients about the efforts put forth to recover their property.

We are an extension of the law that protects you from loss and as such we will conduct ourselves with pride, dignity, and professionalism while representing you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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Download Video: MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS

Download Video: MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS

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